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A surrendered life workbook
A surrendered life workbook

A Surrendered Life is a programme with an accompanying workbook designed for use in small support group settings to help Christian men/women break free from pornography and other obsessive sexual behaviours.

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We cover various areas:
  • Our point of departure is God and who He really is
  • We need to understand what sin really is
  • Understanding temptation and our vulnerability
  • Settting up accountability

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A Surrendered Life is affiliated to Covenant Eyes, an international ministry based in the United States of America.


They provide one of the most comprehensive internet accountability programmes available at a relatively low monthly cost. It does not only monitor internet usage on all the computers and android phones in your home, but also provides a filtering service.

We highly recommend this product and most of the participants in our support groups subscribe to it. You can click on the logo to access their website for more information as well as signing up for it.