The following are testimonies from some of the men who have participated in the programme:

Most of the advice I previously received from other books, spiritual leaders or friends (and even my own heart) had at its core, directly or indirectly, the law: Don’t. Stop. Try harder. Be more thankful. Be more earnest! I tried again and again and again without success. I found A Surrendered Life to always keep the focus squarely and jealously on intimacy with Jesus Christ and Gods great grace. I will be forever grateful for this.

We have all started this journey of life with preset conditions and experiences that have shaped us into being who we are. We have accepted them as being part of our DNA. The most profound lesson I have learned from Johan and walking a road with him was to ask the Holy Spirit what it was that formed me and show me areas that I potentially require healing from even if I did not know about them. It completely changed the way I think about life and who I am.

I was emotionally broken and addicted to pornography for many years and Jesus Christ used Johan du Toit and his material supernaturally to heal and restore me completely. I can highly recommend Johan’s book for anyone who is battling with some form of sexual addiction or brokenness and have confidence that Jesus will do the same for you.

The Father brings hope and healing for his children. Johan’s book is a must read for every man who wants to break free from addiction and sin. The Lord’s Word is a light on our paths, and Johan discovers and explains how this loving Word brings freedom to us, and becomes a reality in our lives.