Who are we?

This programme forms part of a larger ministry, Perisseia (meaning abundance), whose mission is to help Christians make a paradigm shift into living in the fullness and exuberance of the love of the Trinity.

Johan du Toit

It is being coordinated by Johan du Toit who is also the author of the material.

Johan has been involved in ministering to people having problems with relational and sexual brokenness over the past 20 years. He has facilitated numerous support groups during this time and mentored many leaders in the process.

He has a godly passion to see people walk in wholeness with these aspects of life. Johan has been part of a group of disciples of Christ in the Paarl and Wellington area of the Western Cape for the past 18 years.

We are living in a sex-crazed society

There can be very little doubt that we are living in a sex-crazed society. The statistics on the problem make for sobering reading.

In their detailed and well compiled document of January 2014 entitled Pornography Statistics, Covenant Eyes reported that the total revenue for the pornography industry in the United States was in excess of R130 billion during 2006. The Internet Filter Review put the figure at R970 billion on a worldwide basis for the same year. This was more than the combined revenue of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and eBay for the same period.

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Ministry Philosophy

Although our aim with the programme and the workbook is to help people get free from sexually compulsive behaviour, it is actually substantially more than that.

We want to provide help on the journey towards becoming authentic disciples of Jesus Christ, learning what it means to live from the indwelling Holy Spirit in ways that are surrendered to Him in all aspects of our daily activities. We will obviously approach the topic from the perspective of people who are having trouble with compulsive sexual behaviour, but our goal is not to seek freedom from that in the first place, that will just be the spin-off.

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